Spiraldex stamp for planner, Bullet journal, BuJo


Spiraldex is a very good way to plan your life and your tasks.
In a single look, you can see all the things you have to do today. 

With this Stamp, you can easily add Spirals to your BuJo in a few seconds.
Tap gently the stamp on an ink pad, and apply on the paper.

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Dimensions :
Spiraldex pattern : 6,3x7cm
Wooden block : 6,5x7,5cm

Stamp and block are handmade, so possibly may vary a little bit.
Every stamp is tested once before shipping, its necessary to warranty you better results.

Color of the stamp may vary, it depends of our PLA colors stock, but spiraldex pattern still the same.

Stamp made with PLA, a biodegrable plastic made with cornstach.

Tips :
Use baby wipes to clean your stamp.

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